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Tips for Sellers

Based on my decade-long passion of buying and selling homes!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS are lasting.  Be sure the front door is fresh and clean.  Paint or polish it if it is necessary.
Keep front yard trim and tidy.  Sweep your front porch.

DECORATE FOR QUICK SALE.  Faded walls and woodwork reduce appeal.  Don’t tell the prospect how your house could look, show him or her.  Wash or polish interior doors and paneling.

LET THE SUN SHINE IN.  Open the draperies and curtains and make your house cheerful.

WASH THOSE WINDOWS.  Nothing costs so little and adds so much as clean windows.  Dark rooms do not appeal and look small.

FIX THAT FAUCET! Dripping water discolors sinks and tubs and suggests faulty plumbing.

REPAIRS MEAN REWARDS.  Fix those sticking doors and loose knobs, warped cabinet doors and other minor flaws.  They detract from home value.

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.  Display your attic and garage by removing all unnecessary items.  Pack unneeded things in boxes and stack them neatly out of the way.

SAFETY FIRST. Keep stairways clean and avoid cluttered appearance and possible injury.

MAKE CLOSETS LOOK BIGGER.  Neat closets show that space is ample.  Pack unused clothing in under-the-bed storage boxes.  You’ll be one step ahead in moving.

BATHROOMS HELP SELL HOUSES.  Repair caulking around tubs and showers.  Make this room sparkle.

ARRANGE BEDROOMS NEATLY.  Remove excess furniture.  Get attractive bedspreads and freshly laundered curtains.

TO HELP YOUR AGENT avoid having too many people around.  The customer will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house.

MUSIC IS MELLOW but not when showing a house.  Turn off the radio, stereo, and television.  Let the salesperson and buyer talk.

SILENCE IS GOLDEN so be courteous and then be quiet.

BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE do not apologize for the appearance of your home.  Let the trained agent handle any objections.  This is their job.

IN THE BACKGROUND.  Do not follow the potential buyer and agent around.  If you are needed, you will be called.

WHY PUT THE CART before the horse!  Do not try to sell furniture to a prospect before he has purchased the house.

A WORD TO THE WISE.  Let the agent discuss price and terms and other factors with the customer.  She is eminently qualified to conclude negotiations.

SPECIAL TREATMENT!  A spoonful of cinnamon in a pan of water boiling on the stove will help overcome stale food odors and make the house smell fresh and spicy.

A FIRE  in the fireplace is cozy and inviting on a cold, dark day or in the evening.

NEVER LET ANYONE into your house without an agent. It could be very dangerous.

TURN ON the lights in all the rooms so the house is cheerful and bright.

PETS:  Keep them crated or (preferably) out of the house.

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