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I am fortunate to work with amazing clients each and every day…
Thank you for your kind words. 


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Letters of Recommendation:

Email from Kristen Shipman

Letter from Maddox and Sandy Guidry

Letter from Sue and Ray Tomlinson

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Letter from Russell Antinoro to HomeGate’s Broker/Owner

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– “Lora did an excellent job; very friendly, knowledgeable, and overall helpful…Lora stayed on top of

all aspects of our home sale and did and overall excellent job.”

Bill and Pat Neumann Reno, NV

– “Lora is so professional and so clear with everything she does. It was such a pleasure to work with

her. She is a perfectionist. A wonderful person to work with!”

Josephine Conkey Reno, NV

– “Good job selling my house within a week! Keep up the good work!”

Manuel and Marites Galimba Sun Valley, NV

– “Lora is very knowledgeable in her business. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell

their home.”

Judy and Charles Witthuhn, Queen Creek, AZ (formerly of Reno, NV)

– “Thanks again very much for all your hard work and dedication to your buyers. I wish that there

were more Realtors as interested in their clients as you. Many more deals would go smoothly.”

J.M., Realtor Reno, NV

– “Lora, your presentation is exceptional! You go far and above other agents in representing your

listings. We viewed the brochure, advertising and neighborhood information. Very educational

and professional! Keep up the good work!

J.D., Broker/Manager/Realtor

– “She’s got the strategy on how to sell. She’s organized and she’s broad-minded.”

Jorge and Evelyn Gonzalo Sun Valley, NV

– “It’s nice to have professional, business minded agents like you.”

E.H., Broker/Owner/Realtor Reno, NV

– “Thanks for the quick and professional response.”

A.S., Realtor Reno, NV

– “It was great to see you this morning and see how happy and valuable you make your clients feel.

All Realtors should be like you!”

S.F., Title Company Representative Reno, NV

– “Lora went the extra mile in everything she did…We had our home on the market with another

Realtor with a different agency. Nothing happened.

Lora sold our house in less than 3 weeks!

We are extremely pleased with the service provided to us by Lora Rehberger as our real estate

professional. She helped us sell our home within a relatively short amount of time, and she was

there to help us understand the many steps involved. Once she sold our home, she searched the

market to find the perfect new one that really met our needs. She understood how to make offers

in a timely fashion in a very competitive market. She spent hours and hours with us to help us find

our wonderful new home, and we are so happy with the results!

The sale of our former residence and the purchase of our new home entailed many extra

details which required Lora to “go above and beyond” many of the ostensible duties that real estate

professionals must perform. Lora performed these extra duties professionally and promptly. One

can see that Lora always intends to accomplish the smallest details of the sale honestly and

attentively. In everything she does, Lora has always strived for perfection and it is no different

when she is helping her clients with their real estate needs.

People may wonder why they pay a real estate agent in the way that they do, but after

seeing all the extra work and time required of a good agent, I can only say that she earned every

penny…Lora conscientiously performed her duties with a high level of expertise, knowledge and


Phil and Cissy Tucker Smith Valley, NV

– “Lora is always happy about her clients and the home she is showing…everything was great.”

James and Mary Cordill Reno, NV

– “Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for everything. You were there for us whenever

we needed you, and that is much appreciated. Thank you also for our housewarming gift. You

picked colors to match our accent wall. Anna loved her treats and was greatly distracted by the

tennis ball, which was wonderful while I was stripping wallpaper border.”

Kelli Charbonneau Sparks, NV

– “Lora always went above and beyond in every way and made our purchasing experience

wonderful…an excellent experience.”

Brian and Kelli Charbonneau Sparks, NV

– “Lora, thank you so much for everything that you’ve done! We are really excited to move

in…Thanks again for the beautiful basket! Everything is perfect for our new house!!! You have

been so great–and it has been a pleasure working with you, Alan and Magda. I would definitely

refer you guys!”

Jaime Limon Sparks, NV

– “Thank you! This whole transaction is a great situation. Thanks for making my first experience

something I truly will never forget!”  Nick includes a few words to describe Lora:

“Patience, Determination, Knowledge, Poise.”

Nick Howard Gardnerville, NV

– “From my first Realtor that was just horrible and very pushy, to Lora who was extremely

understanding, patient, and a person who I thought was always on my side. Thank you cannot do

justice to the appreciation I have for her.”

Rick Tsuji Reno, NV

– “I don´t know where to begin-Lora is a gem! There are not enough words to express my

appreciation for the very hard work, time and effort she put into finding a house for me. I especially

appreciated the time she took going over the paperwork and explaining it all to me. You get the

feeling she really cares about you and she will do her best for you. I know she will go far in the real

estate field and I look forward to our continued friendship.”

Barbara Matthews Reno, NV

– “Lora made the first sale of my house a wonderful experience.

I felt comfortable with all phases of the sale process.”

Louise Beaver Reno, NV

– “Lora is the best!! I was very picky in what type of home I wanted to purchase. She was very

patient and dealt with me in a professional manner…Lora is an exceptional realtor…I pass her

cards out to my co-workers moving up from California and anyone else who will accept one. Lora,

thanks for helping me find my new home.”

Michelle Crosby Reno, NV

– “I really like your style, your direct and forthright manner, and your enthusiasm. I felt REALLY

comfortable with you today, and thought you should be complimented on that.”

Katie Blunk Reno, NV

– “Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us when we were getting ready to sell our

house…You are very professional with the perfect personal touch.”

Brian and Saundra Banning Salem, IL

– “Very energetic; very, very patient working with a first-time home buyer.”

Bill and Donna Hesser Reno, NV

– “Fred and I want to thank you for a fast and smooth transaction for us…We’re very happy.”

Fred and Colleen Wallace Reno, NV

– “First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your newsletter! My husband and I thoroughly

enjoy it and look forward to the next issue…Thanks for the great reading!”

Kimberly Noell Reno, NV

– “Lora handled everything for us because we were out of state. I would highly recommend Lora to

anyone looking for a home. Lora really goes the extra mile for her clients. She always goes above

and beyond what is expected of her.”

Bob and Kathy Schneider Wildwood, MO to Reno, NV


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