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Why Lora

I only have one question for you.

[At least for now.]

Do you know a real estate agent?

I’m quite confident that you do.

Seriously.  Don’t we all?

So how do you know which agent to choose?

What makes me different?  What makes me stand out?

What makes me qualified to protect your interests?  To lay out the red carpet on your next house?  To have the honor to hand the keys to your new home over to you?  To be privileged to call you with the great news – that your home is sold?

Certainly, a resume speaks a thousand words.  That’s why I’d like for you to review it here.

But I also want to share a few short things with you…

* My business philosophy in working with people is second-to-none, and we strive for a 5-Star Customer Experience, from every touch point.  We do things a bit differently, from our forward-thinking standpoint on cutting-edge technology, to our steadfast devotion to honesty, ethics and putting our clients first.

* Buying and selling real estate is incredibly intense.  It is one of the most stressful events that an individual (buyer or seller) can go through in Life.  I negotiate to always win on your behalf.  I balance Southern-style courtesy, persuasion and professionalism with intense negotiation skills (trust me – it works – just ask my clients whose new home appraised for $240,000 and I negotiated their purchase price down to $217,900).  I’m the new breed of real estate… Just as quick on my feet as my knowledge is seasoned.  As my personality is bubbly.  And I’m dedicated to protect your interests just as if you were my own family.  [‘Cause you are.  You’re my Client Family.]

* Speaking of my Client Family…  I’d love for you to speak with some of my raving fans, and read what they say about me.   Here are just a few names, off the top of my noggin:  M/Dr. Falk, M/Mr. Shipman, Ms. Gaughan, M/Mr. Kagan, M/Mr. Anderson, Ms. Tolotti, M/Mr. Galazin, M/Mr. Woodard, Ms. Lundgren, M/Mr. Fishwick, M/Mr. Pitts, M/Mr. Atkison, and M/Mr. Tucker.  You let me know whom you’d like to speak or correspond with, and I’ll provide their information to you.  I’m that confident that I’ve demonstrated amazing service to each and every one of my clients.  I’d also love for you to check out my SocialBios page; it’s a “experience” page for real estate agents.

* I’ve spent my Life in sales.  I’ve spent my Life understanding others…  Asking them, listening to them, showing them, listening again, treating them like my Family.  Know what?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My background oscillates from thriving in the retail commission sales environment in college (think Macy’s), to a major in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno, then a Fortune 500 company, management and cold calls, to an entrepreneur and real estate professional.  I’m unafraid… Of new challenges, of what the future holds, of achieving the very best for my clients.

* Whether you’d like to see one house or 200, you have my commitment.  I am here for You.  I will never, ever pressure you into a sale.  In fact, quite the opposite.  My sales style is not a “hard close” – you wanna buy it? – write an offer now! – don’t let this one get away! – you need this house now!.  Ummm.  No.  You will never hear that from me.  Ever.  Will I give you my honest opinion since I show tens of homes a week (sometimes more)?  Yes.  Will I tell you if we may be in a multiple offer situation if I sense you love the home?  Of course. Do I have a strategy for that?  Absolutely!!   But, what’s most important is what you decide.  It’s absolutely and completely up to you.  It’s not my money to spend… Or my house to live in.  It’s all about You and Your Family.

* Life is more than the sum of our bank accounts.  Whether you drive a Bentley or a Pinto,  I truly believe that we are all in this beautiful Life together.  Whether you’re ready to take that beautiful plunge on your first home… Or, if you’re looking to upgrade to a 5-bedroom because you’ve got a new lil’ one on the way… Or if you feel that you have no way out of your current home (and trust me, you do have a way out)…  Or if you’re perusing this epic area for a vacation home…  Or…  The reasons are endless.  And you’ll find my resources, drive, and dedication are endless to match.


Thank you for visiting with me.

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